The Great Commission | Matthew 28:19-20

The Calvin Synod has a unique history but also a contemporary mission!

Calvin Synod understands its mission in behalf of Jesus the Christ in the following way:

1. To remain faithful to the visions and truths of the Reformers and our faithful ancestors, who in their dedication to their Lord, held fast to the Creator’s teachings as Jesus brought them to life;

2. To minister to those who live in Diaspora, having brought with them this faith, and to share this faith with the new generations of those in Diaspora;

3. To share this faith with those of our brothers and sisters in Christ who continue to be faithful to this same vision of the reformers and are searching for a fellowship in which this faith lives and flourishes;

4. To act as sentinels in preserving the “faith of our fathers;”

5. To reach out to those who have not yet experienced the Good News of Jesus the Savior.

This Mission Statement was approved by the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Calvin Synod.