On the floor of synod, it was promised to explore options for email notification/delivery of the Herald.

To participate in this experiment

1. Go to CalvinSynod.org
2. Click the link “Get Email Updates Via Feedburner” or this link
3. Put in your email and the “verification code”
4. When a verification email arrives in you email box, click to “confirm it”>

This will allow you to be notified by email whenever a new post is put on CalvinSynod.org… 90% of the time this relates to the Calvin Synod Herald but always information relevant to the synod.

Please feel free to share this information with anyone interested in the Calvin Synod Herald. They DO NOT have to be members of this yahoogroup to participate. Any web visitor may join…

We will re-evaluate this system at the next Synod if there are enough participants in our test.

Currently 32 emails receive updates. I will judge interest in this program by how many additional emails start receiving updates.

Note: if you already receive updates, it is not necessary to submit your email again.

Thank you.

Rev. Chuck Huckaby
Committee on Media