AHRMA Recommendations – Approved 28 August 2013- Ligonier, Pennsylvania

I. Romanian Confiscation:
The American Hungarian Reformed Ministerial Association expresses its gratitude to the twenty members of the Congress of the United States who submitted a letter to Mr. John Kerry, Secretary of State, to urge the government of Romania to return to its churches and synagogues the churches, schools, and other buildings and properties unjustly confiscated by the Communist government, and further to dismiss the discriminatory charges against its three citizens who endeavored to promote their return, so that they might not be unjustly imprisoned.
We urge the members of our congregations to join in this expression of gratitude also, and invite them to urge other members of Congress and the Senate in their states to join in support of this effort to affirm justice and to urge the government of Romania to cease its discriminatory practices with urgency and expedition, righting the wrongs of Communist errors and reestablishing the human rights of all Romanian citizens.
We acknowledge and appreciate the current efforts of Mr. Kerry and the State Department and we urge their continued assistance in the speedy resolution of this ongoing abuse of religious freedom and human rights.

2. Reformation 500th Anniversary:
The American Hungarian Reformed Ministerial Association is pleased that the Five Hundredth Anniversary of the Great Reformation will be celebrated by the worldwide community of the Hungarian Reformed Church in 2017 in Nagyvarad/Oradea, Romania. We urge the participation of the Hungarian Reformed churches in the United States and Canada, sending representative delegations to join with our kindred in faith, appropriately observing the benefits we all enjoy through our Calvinist roots due to the heroic witness and courage of the Reformers and Martyrs.
We urge the organization of a representative committee to implement this resolution. Further we would urge the committee to develop a concurrent celebration for the churches of North America. We also urge the development of tangible remembrances of this momentous event, for the occasion and for posterity, such as prayers and books dedicated to thanksgivings to God, and possibly including plaques and monuments marking the celebration.
We urge that until that time that our congregations and members be constantly reminded and encouraged to participate with programs, prayers and services for the joyful observance of the Reformation and to commit themselves to the ongoing reformation of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout the world that we may be indeed one in the Spirit and one in the Lord. Soli deo Gloria!

3. Hungary’s Constitution:
The American Hungarian Reformed Ministerial Association expresses its gratitude to the people of Hungary for their new constitution, The Fundamental Law, as it turns respectfully to the role of their Christian heritage in the evolution of the nation’s culture and rule of law, with due respect for all citizens and the human rights due to every religious and ethnic group community. We support this effort as an example and challenge to other nations, as well as our own, who enjoy the fruits of this same heritage.

4. Sanctity of Life:
The American Hungarian Reformed Ministerial Association affirms the biblical teaching that all life is created by God and good in his sight. We affirm that there is no life not worth living and we join our voices with Calvin, Luther, and faithful Christian teachers throughout the ages in opposition to abortion of the lives he has created, and further to killing of the newborn, the deliberate murder of the developmentally disabled, and the euthanizing of the infirm and elderly. We urge every member of our churches to support the right to a good life and to aid with the necessities for life’s enjoyment, recognizing that all God’s children are our sisters and brothers.

5. Felvidek Choir:
The American Hungarian Reformed Ministerial Association urges all congregation in the United States and Canada to welcome the Hungarian Teachers’ Choir from Slovakia in its forthcoming goodwill tour, opening doors and hearts as an expression of our gratitude for the rich heritage we enjoy because of our Hungarian roots and our continuing ties to the people of the nations of our families and ancestors.