The Calvin Synod convened in Ligonier, PA on Tuesday May 8th with a Service of Word and Holy Communion at Bethlen Communities’ historic chapel. After worship, photos and lunch at Bethlen, the Synod reconvened at the Ramada Inn conference center a few blocks away with Rt. Rev. Bela Poznan presiding.

In addition to its normal business and reporting, the 74th Synod received greetings from denominational heads and of the United Church of Christ and the Hungarian Reformed Church in America.

During its business sessions, the Synod in its capacity as a conference in the United Church of Christ voted against ratifying the Unified Governance Proposal after spending a significant amount of time discussing the Synod’s relationship with that body.

In addition to the wonderful fellowship and enjoyable times at Penn Scenic View for the annual picnic and the awards banquet hosted by Bethlen Communities, the highlight of the Synod was the ministry of God’s Word. Stirring sermons in the worship service (in both Hungarian and English) were complimented by the high quality of three presentations given by Dr. Robert Gagnon on the subject of Paul’s Understanding of Unity from 1 Corinthians. In those presentations Dr. Gagnon discussed the doctrinal and ethical pre-requisites for Christian Unity which are so frequently overlooked in our day. In the subsequent presentations, Dr. Gagnon discussed the the type of discrimination going on at the Lord’s Table to discern its application in the modern church.

Next year’s Calvin Synod will convene May 14-17 in Ligonier.