Dear Friends:

“The Bethlen Home”, now known as “Bethlen Communities”, has been a joint mission of the HungarianReformed Churches, both of the Hungarian Reformed Church in America and the Calvin Synod, since its founding in 1931.

Today the “Bethlen Home” still depends on the support of our churches for its continued work.

This current year “Bethlen Communities” is projected to assist people in need with over $200,000 in “benevolent care”, continuing the tradition of care for individuals who are in need.

In the beginning, our mission was first to orphans, their widowed parents and grandparents, then the elderly. Today our mission is primarily to those who are approaching the end of their lives, are infirm and without adequate financial means to care for themselves in the sunset years of their lives.

Bethlen Communities has been accepted into a not-for-profit fundraising program which has a fantastic benefit: on Monday, October 3, every donated dollar designated to Bethlen Communities will be matched with an additional $ 0.50 (fifty cents) by the Westmoreland and Pittsburgh Foundations!

Please encourage your congregations, your friends, and I especially encourage YOU to make a donation to support this mission of ours. Every dollar YOU donate is worth one and one-half dollars to Bethlen Communities on Tuesday, October 4th.

I would also encourage you to be generous. Whatever you would normally contribute to a cause you know to be worthy, DOUBLE your donation on Monday, October 3; The net benefit will be TRIPLE what you originally planned to give to Bethlen Communities!

The attached flier explains how to donate over the internet. Please be generous!

Your fellow Servant in Christ,

Rt. Rev. Koloman K. Ludwig